Off To Boise

If I didn’t love to travel I think my life would not be as great, rewarding, and fun as it has been. I travel a lot. And I do love it. Part of what makes it nice is my family doesn’t have to worry about money, thanks to (1) my dad’s going through a TON of schooling to be the happy foot-doctor he is now and also (2) my mom and dad living like paupers (not quite, but close) for the first couple of years of my life to pay off student loans and also (3) living frugally (yard sales, thrift stores, homemade cooking, or an amazing warehouse in Salt Lake called UPS Market square, Etc.) since then. I’ve never felt like I was going without anything from the time I was a baby. If anything, I’ve felt spoiled. I mean who gets to go to Grand Canyon and hike the whole thing in one day with her family? Who gets to go to Europe for two weeks and share music, a language we all understand? I’ve gone to Orlando, FL to Disney World not once, but multiple times. Chicago, IL. New York, New York (2X). The Dominican Republic. The Alamo. Houston, TX. Adam Ondi Amam. Liberty, Independence, Kirtland, Nauvoo. Salt Lake City, UT, Atlanta, GE, St. George, UT, Buffalo, NY, Sandy, UT to go visit families. Monterey Bay, CA, Redwoods, CA, San Francisco, CA. Louisville, TN. Running the coast of Oregon. I’m not mentioning all this to brag. I’m saying it to prove my point that I’m really blessed (and maybe spoiled) to be able to go to these places. Not many people get to travel like I do. And I’m very thankful.


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