Done Resting

20140726_113547Ok, now that I’ve had sufficient rest I will now recount the proceedings of the last couple of weeks or so. I will start out by pointing out the most hilarious picture that has been taken since a couple weeks ago… my little brother Seth diving off the block at a swim meet in Washington. Please make sure to take note of the grace with which he has launched himself into the air…the grace of a beautiful ballerina! *Just a teensy bit of sarcasm there* He is the one with the blue swim cap on and I just can’t get over how great this picture is! 🙂 This was taken at a swim meet in Wenatchee, Washingtion where my family spent a couple days cheering my siblings on in their various swim events. We also met a fellow homeschooler with long hair…20140726_115336My sisters asked him if they could braid it and this is what happened. It was pretty fun. We were “Ja’makin” fun of him all day…hehe..he. Get it? Bad pun. Anyway…

Girl’s Camp was great too! Highlights from camp were that I was really sick for the first day (stomach flu, which was kind of gross) and that we went river rafting near Garden Valley, Idaho the next day. The most fun part of the rafting trip was riding “bull” during one of the big rapids (class 3) OR riding on the very front of the raft with my legs hanging off while we go over the big rapids. HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE!! WHOOHOO!!! A bit of an adrenaline rush and a bunch of fun! I also ate a real meal for the first time in a day or so (which was really exciting to me) and felt the good spirit that accompanied being around such great girls for the rest of that week. One more thing is that as a group we got to see two plays in an outdoor theater called Starlight Mountain Theater— Footloose, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The latter option was my absolute favorite! I got a picture with the actor and actress that played Adam and Milly. photoThey did a really great job with that play! I recommend going to see their plays if you’re in the neighborhood.


Last, but not least, I was able to go to Woodwinds at Wallowa Lake last week. I learned sooooo much! I played the flute, learned some music theory, worked on my minor scales, enjoyed nature, and read Sherlock Holmes–which was amazing, by the way. After the concert on Saturday, my family went to the lake. Hon, my mom, and I went swimming in the lake with our wetsuits on. We swam for a while and then played “King/Queen of the Rock”  when we found a submerged rock. That was so ridiculous, but we had sooooo much fun! More fun in that 45 minutes than in the whole week put together. (and I did have fun at the camp) 20140802_184201 I’m glad to be back home. I missed everybody. It’ll be good to spend time with family and spend time with my leaving-off-to-college-without-me friends… I know we have to move on, but I will miss them.


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