I Love You Anyway

“I love you anyway.”

I know that’s a silly way to start a piece of written work, but it’s a statement that really means a lot to me and I’d like to discuss it. People we love do things that hurt us sometimes and I think that is inevitable, because everyone is at a different point of learning and to learn, they have to make mistakes. Those mistakes affect those around them. Me. You. I know I have made some decisions that have hurt me, and those around me, but they loved me anyway. I guess I am thinking about this because one of my friends made a surprising decision to join the Marine Corps instead of going on a mission to teach people about Jesus Christ. At first I felt really hurt, but I’ve been thinking. If we did not have valiant, brave people to protect us from tyranny, we might not be able to believe in God or not believe in God… So I realize that I need to support him in his decision. There are many worse decisions he could have made and in this choice, he didn’t hurt anyone. He is blessing my life and yours.                                                Estudillo This is one of my heroes. He joined the army and went to Afghanistan a couple years ago. He’s back now, but this is a picture that was taken before he left. He is hugging his son good bye. I feel like this picture really portrays some of the noble reasons for serving in the military.

  1. Love of Family
  2. Love of Country

Another one of my friends, Phineas, joined the marines when he was 17. I respect him for joining the Marines and being willing to protect his country as well. Thank you.

On the flip side, some of my other friends have gone off to new places and new people to proselyte and teach those who wish to be taught about Jesus. They are protecting families as well. They are protecting them from the heartache that sin brings. They are giving them the salve of the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. They are helping people to enjoy the freedoms they have in a righteous way. And to make the world a better place by serving people. And by loving people.

Those are my thoughts on both Missionaries and Marines. And I will love and respect both for their service to me, my family, and my country.



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