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Can't remember if I had food in my mouth or if I was just being silly... :)

Can’t remember if I had food in my mouth or if I was just being silly… 🙂

Kinda crazy week, but very fun. First on my list of updates is

1. me and my family did a triathlon last Saturday. Everybody did really well, especially my sister, Charity (1st overall women’s), my mom, Kristen (2nd overall women’s), my sister, Eliza (3rd overall women’s), and me (5th overall women’s). Well, I can’t forget my dad who got first in the men’s division. GO TEAM RUSHTON!!!


2. Soccer officially started this week and we are doing daily doubles…so…. 3 1/2 hours of practice Monday-Thurs and a potluck + games + soccer party on Friday. (Yes, hard life—I know) I love soccer SO MUCH!! Our first game will be Sept 3rd and I’m super stoked!

image 20140820_191847

Our rival team, the great and terrible LHS has a beautiful soccer wall that they play games with and in this picture I am enviously coveting it… actually even out of the picture I’m envying it. One of my goals this year is to get a wall erected at our soccer fields for future soccer generations!!!


3. Another amazing and crazy thing I did this week was bike to LaGrande, a nearby town—only about 50.7 miles away!!!! This was last Wednesday. My biking partner is my mom. She is training for a Ironman in the coming months and wanted to get a good ride in. I haven’t biked much recently (except for the 12.5 miles at the triathlon), but I thought it would be fun. So I did. My bottom is VERY sore, but I’ve done pretty well other than that. 🙂 OH, and if you refer to the soccer wall pictures you will see that I biked TO LaGrande to get the pictures with the soccer wall. I’ve never biked that far in my life by the way. So, new experience for me.


The family who shared in this adventure, (from left to right) Eliza. Mike (dad). Kristen (mom).

Everyone who went is in this picture. A rock held the phone and took the picture.  :)  (from left to right) Franklin, me, Eliza, Kristen, Mike, Jason.

Everyone who went is in this picture. A rock held the phone and took the picture. 🙂 (from left to right) Franklin, me, Kristen, Eliza, Mike, Jason.

4. Was today. and by far the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done. I hiked/ran the Elkhorn Crest Trail which is 24 miles all the way across. My dad and his friend, Jason, drove up to the top and started on one side and me, Eliza, Franklin, and my mom drove up to the other side and started running. We met in the middle and took some pictures, then went our different ways. A little before the halfway point, my body started shutting down… I was really dysfunctional and It’s really due to the patience of my mother that I made it the whole way. THANKS MOM!!! Also, thanks to my dad, who made sure I got some salt tablets down my throat when I got home, which helped immensely with my sodium-wanting-body. (I eat a vegan diet, which has little to no salt in it… and I sweat a lot when I exercise–and I exercise a lot…..so salt is good for me.)


Ok, look carefully.


She’s smiling..’cause you just saw it. 🙂 Yes, the interesting things that you see at the dinner table besides corn-on-the-cob. No, this doesn’t happen all the time…hence the picture. Eliza’s head is now the pleasant perch of our poor parakeet, Briz. Cutest thing ever! This was not anything important, but I thought it funny and cute…sooooo. Hoped you like the update of my life for the week.

Coming adventures?


Thanks for reading!!!


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