Oh, Canada

Traveling with family is a blast. I’m just sitting in the car with the two sisters nearest to my age laying the their heads on my shoulders and sleeping as we make our way to Utah. It’s almost Thanksgiving and I finally have a little time to blog.

So. Canada. That feels like a long time ago. We headed out and drove and drove… but I won’t bore you with the details that I can’t really remember. But some things stood out to me.

Dad and Mom had been driving about 15 hours when the let me take a turn at the wheel. I had to pay close attention to the speed limit because they tell you in KPH (Kilometers Per Hour) rather than MPH. I started my turn at O dark thirty and when the sun started coming up I remember thinking that the materializing mountain range around me looked like teeth that might chomp us. The pale pink sky soothed it’s sore morning temper so it decided not to. Just like it’s been doing for thousands of years. 🙂  Those mountains are beautiful.


Another cool experience was hiking. I had a cold so I was not a very energetic mountain climber… but between trying to keep up with my running nose and encouraging my little brother Hon to keep pushing me from behind when the hills got high, I got to see beautiful views and enjoy the antics of my little siblings. I remember when we got to the top of a mountain I had gotten behind everyone and I sat on a rock looking out over Lake Louis. I said a prayer in my heart and tried to listen for the good spirit to touch my heart and I felt peace. I made some major mistakes last year and every month I feel more and more healed and forgiven. Spending time with my family that loves me and contemplating nature and God’s love for us, His children has helped a lot.


Okay, so my dad had an some athletic events to compete in so we made our way to Edmonton when we were able to see my cousin Samantha who was serving an LDS mission over there. She talked her leaders and asked permission to be able to see us and to maybe take me on splits with her companions. (that’s when you go proselyting without your companion and instead take another member of the church with you, so you split up and teach more people about Christ.) So I went with Samantha and we knocked on doors and talked to them about Jesus. We also talked to this lady walking up the road and she took a Book of Mormon and gave her address to Sam so that we could visit her later to teach her more. That was so exciting!! I know that more people would be happy if they had knowledge about God’s love for them and their potential in this life and the next. I’m so glad that I was blessed with parents who taught me about God and then told me that I needed to find the truth for myself as to whether it was true or not (what they taught me). I did pray and fast (not eat food for a couple meals) and I did get an answer. God sent me a feeling a peace and happiness and a warmth that spread all over my body as I held the scriptures in my hands. That is why it is so exciting to share what I know. I want them to feel what I’ve felt and what I feel and how it has made me happy. That was an amazing experience for me. We also went and visited members and made sure that they didn’t need help with anything.


Now, life would not be complete without a full account of what we ate… No no, not really, but we did eat some delicious food while we were over there. There was a Indian Restaurant that had mostly vegan food and though it was a little spicy at times it was delicious! I even have a picture.


And then these pictures were taken in front of a Chinese restaurant that was also very satisfying. I love the last picture!


In this one she said “Now tickle your neighbor!” It’s the best picture ever… be sure to notice little Kevin on the far left doing the I love you sign with his hand and sticking out his tongue. We are all smiling like crazy! And so our adventures continue.